How Toor works

Buying and selling a home marks the start of a new chapter in life. At Opendoor we believe in a dramatically simplified experience, delivering confidence and peace of mind at every step. If you’re selling, sell your home to us to eliminate the hassles of showings and months of uncertainty. If you’re buying, we make it incredibly easy to tour hundreds of Opendoor homes so you can find the perfect one.

For everyone
  • You request an offer.
  • Follow our simple set-up guide that walks you through setting up your profile and activating your lockboxes.

  • Add properties or listings. within the app

  • Grant access, schedule showings and manange appointments immediately.

It's that easy! Secure Access Anywhere!

For Agents
  • Purchase your Toor Lockbox + Download the App.
  • Once you fall in love, we’ll guide you through making an offer.