Posted on by Kiza McDonald

Want to be a top real estate agent? Dreaming of being named a Five Star Professional? Great! These three automatic marketing tools will help you stay top of mind and free up your schedule!

After your initial setup of these three tools, all of your marketing can be automated, meaning you don’t have to do a thing! Emails, content, texts, and social posts will be sent out all on their own! We want to show you a few different tools so  you can significantly improve your odds of success.

Focus on the ones that fit your marketing style and your local audience so you can distinguish yourself from the competition.

The Top 3 Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

1. Send emails while you sleep with Email Automation Tools.

Already know about email automation, but don’t know where to start? Here are some of our favorite marketing tools for Realtorws:

  • Drip - full-featured automated email.
  • Quickmail - automated emails and follow-ups.
  • HubSpot - full-featured CRM.
  • Pardot - marketing automation solutions.

We know you’ve heard of tools that allow you to automatically send an email to every member of your email marketing list. However, some people may not know yet that you can deliver an entire email series to a prospect without having to lift a finger. This style of email, known as drip emails or drip marketing, are triggered by an action on your prospect's part. Your prospect will visit your site and sign up for an email series, and they automatically receive emails from you!

First, create an email series that your audience would love to receive. It can be about anything from tips for selling a home in a buyer's market to a beginner’s guide to buying the first home!

Then, write your individual tips as emails, instruct the reader to get in touch with you when they are ready to buy or sell a home, and input the emails into the email automation system. Connect this to your website using one of the system’s forms. Once the system is set up, you’re done!

Finally, over the next several weeks, the website visitors that signed up will receive periodic informative emails, all without you having to send them. Each will contain useful content that keeps them reading and coming back for more.

These emails add personality and immediacy without requiring that you create a personalized message for every individual who visits. The information in them establishes you as an authority on local markets and the homes and features in them. This all happens while you are concentrating your efforts on the high-touch methods that are often necessary to guide other clients' through a home purchase or sale. By the time the new prospect is ready to make a move, they have already spent time getting to know your expertise and what you can offer them.

Drip emails can be sent with standalone apps such as Drip or Quickmail, or through fully featured CRM tools like those from HubSpot or Pardot.

2. Automated SMS marketing tools: send automatic texts at your prospects' request.

Stay in touch with your prospects, and make sure they have everything they need without having to spend time texting your database with these automatic text messaging tools:

  • TellMyCell - keyword-based mass texting.
  • Trumpia - event coordination, appointment reminders and more.

We know that emails sometimes get lost or go unopened, so we always use more than one channel to talk to our prospects. Automatic SMS marketing can make it easier for you to reach people where they are most likely to see your message.

They key is to make these text sound personal. For past clients, automatically send a text that says, “How are you loving the new home? I wanted to check in to see if everything is as beautiful as it was the day you move in!” Type that once and let automated text messaging do the rest of the work! Your past client will remember you as the agent who cared about them and not their money.

Text messages have impressively high conversion and engagement rates. They have a 98% read rate; most texts are read within 15 minutes of the time that they are received. Mobile phone penetration in the US has now reached nearly 100%.

There are a range of amazing tools that can help you accomplish your SMS marketing goals. TellMyCell allows prospects to send specific keywords to you to get special offers or specific information in response. Trumpia offers a range of text options that range from event coordination to appointment reminders. The latter can be especially effective when it comes to cutting down the number of no-shows for house showings and increasing the number of visitors when you have an open house.

3. Automated Letter Writing: mail personalized letters in your own handwriting.

Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t a bill! They really love getting personalized letters that are written just for them! Here are two services that mimic your handwriting, are written with a pen, and are written without you having to write them!

  • Bond - send handwritten cards in seconds.
  • Thankbot - handwritten direct mail.

Even in our highly digitally connected age, there is nothing quite like a physical, handwritten note. Statistics show that hand-written notes can actually increase customer retention. Naturally, this turns a customer into a repeat customer or an ambassador for you!

The downside to handwritten notes is that agents often have tight schedules -- that’s why we love automated services like

More realtors are turning toward automation to get their handwritten letters out. Services like Bond use samples of a customer's handwriting to create notes that fit their personal and distinctive style. It doesn't just copy letters; it will also learn the customer's spacing patterns, how they connect specific letters and how they angle their script. When it's time to send a letter, the customer simply types text like they are sending an email. The service does all the rest.

Pair this with your fully-featured email automation system You can use a range of events to trigger a message. For instance, an inquiry for information on your website can trigger a handwritten note that thanks the prospect for their interest. An entry on a guest list at an open house can be another trigger for a handwritten note.

As our digital world gets smaller, more and more tools allow us to make connections that were difficult in the past. We have the ability to reach out to more real estate prospects than ever and build trust before we've ever met in person. Automation, in particular, allows us to give each of our real estate clients a more personal and tailored experience. By keeping up with what is possible, you can find novel yet familiar ways to connect and work your way toward the sale.