Posted on by Kiza McDonald

Real estate agents, we know you’re always looking for ways to generate more leads. We also know that you love a good work-life balance -- getting leads while still making life easier and simpler for themselves.

Great news! Automated digital marketing includes the use of social media and an in-depth, ongoing, and automated email marketing strategy.

The trick is to be top-of-mind, with a credible amount of authority and trust already established, at precisely the right moment.

This is where the ability of automated email to establish a solid communication foundation comes into play. Since realtors want to make sure their name comes to mind whenever a decision to act is about to be made, they need to have a reliable email strategy that practically runs on its own. The marketing professionals at Constant Contact have been driving real results for over 15 years.

Some ways real estate agents can use Constant Contact to generate more leads include:

Automate the real estate contact process:

Realtors who need to constantly search for new leads don’t necessarily have the time to start the process from scratch every time. Since they know there is a certain proportion of the population that will be interested in making some type of real estate transaction at any time, they can use automated outbound email marketing messages to establish rapport. These messages could simply serve as a brief introduction and overview of the local real estate market, along with an invitation to contact the realtor once the need arises.

The inbound marketing process and routine communication needs can be automated as well. As soon as a prospective client sends a message, registers for an e-newsletter, requests a white paper, or shows some other type of buying/selling interest, they should automatically receive an appropriate response or a thank you email which might also ask a question such as, “Are you thinking of buying or selling any property now or in the near future?” These leads can then be added to the marketing database to receive a pre-arranged set of contact e-mails based on situational responses.

Stay top-of-mind:

To automatically stay top-of-mind with prospects, leads, and past clients, realtors can set up Constant Contact to regularly send out a series of engaging emails.  

These messages should be more informational than sales-oriented, with topics that run the gamut of home-buying and home-owning information such as:

  • Tips for home living
  • Maintenance suggestions for gutters, yards, and home interiors
  • DIY renovations to increase property value
  • Financing tips for major home renovations
  • Tax tips
  • Holiday decorating tips or advice to help sell a home during holiday seasons.
  • Moving hacks
  • Community news such as local government or school updates, charitable organizations, and religious activities that make the area sound appealing to potential newcomers
  • Local real estate market news
  • Current sales to demonstrate experience
  • Request referrals or testimonials

Although each message will have a call to action statement, the side benefit of these communications is that they are slowly building trust with prospects, even those who might not have a current need. Information that is unusual or highly pertinent might even get shared by readers, extending the reach even more. Realtors can also post these tidbits on their own social media pages to increase visibility with their existing audience.

Motivate instant action:

While much of the digital marketing work can be set up in advance and implemented automatically, Constant Contact also provides the ability to disseminate actionable information quickly and effectively.

As soon as a new listing comes onto the market, it can be easily shared with the realtor’s database within seconds. When an open house is scheduled, details and specifics can be easily disseminated along with eye-catching photos or video tours. A template can be called up, loaded with the pertinent information, and sent out to the selected audience with a few simple actions. These emails are then released to build overall awareness, while the realtor can start making telephone calls to specific parties that might be most interested in making a purchase decision.

Business results from these types of programs include an increased ability to stay connected, more traffic driven to the realtor’s website, and reaching new prospects through shared email information. With listings, they will also drive response and help to increase sales.

For maximum effectiveness, Constant Contact can be easily integrated with major CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management platforms. The agent uses the CRM to create segments and groups to target with the email messages. Segmenting emails based on CRM details helps ensure precise messages are directed at a particular target audience. These groups can be arranged by demographics, family size, residential or commercial property needs, interests, and buying/selling intent. A series of messages can be designed to communicate specifically to each group and automatically sent out by the email program. Results of these efforts can be easily tracked and analyzed for future action possibilities.

Automation saves time and increases engagement. The more real estate agents use an automated email marketing system for lead generation, the more comfortable they will become with the process. Perhaps the best part is that the agent will have more time for building relationships, showing properties, and closing sales because their email marketing can still be going on behind the scenes to generate the next opportunity. Once they see how effective email marketing is at generating more leads and helping to build the business, they will wonder how they ever got along without it!