Posted on by Kiza McDonald

While many aspects of the real estate industry have changed through the digital era, it is still about lead acquisition and management. “Get more leads” and “Keep your pipeline filled” are words that still ring true for real estate agents today. It is the “how” of lead generation that has dramatically changed.

In today's digital marketing and mobile environment, real estate agents and brokers who funnel the highest quality leads and effectively manage them will achieve the greatest results. To accomplish this, many real estate professionals are turning to CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) software.

What is CRM?

Decades ago, real estate agents would often keep lead and customer information on 3x5” file cards. These cards would contain contact information on the prospect or customer, eventually including such advanced data as email addresses.

Motivated agents would also include notes on other personal information they may have obtained during the lead generation process. This might include their birth date, favorite sports teams, children's name, anniversary dates, and perhaps how they acquired the lead. As each contact was made, a date of that contact would be noted on the card.

With the advent of computers, file cards were replaced with simple digital address books and spreadsheets with areas for additional client notes. This made data more accessible and manageable but they still didn't really “do” anything.

Today's CRMs for real estate agents are designed to not only funnel more leads to you but to manage the data that is acquired with the lead. It then works in the effective grooming of this lead into a prospect and eventually a customer. It helps you stay in contact with your “list”, walking them through a designed process. A CRM keeps your name front and center in your digital marketing efforts in helpful and informative ways.

The key to success is choosing a CRM that is easy to use. If it isn’t, consider hiring a specialist for the setup.

5 Benefits of CRMs in Acquiring Leads and Saving Time

The more you know about the tangible benefits of a CRM, the more likely you are to make the investment in a system perfect for you. Here are just five such benefits.

  1. Helps you make the most out of your leads. Inbound marketing through social media and content marketing is growing in popularity for real estate professionals. If you are trying to manage these inbound leads through a simple database you are not only missing out on relationship opportunities but you may miss valuable prospects entirely. If leads or prospects don't get a response quickly in today's mobile environment, they will soon move on. A CRM will make note of the contact, reach out to the prospect, and make you aware of the connection. A CRM will also manage and connect with leads even when they are the result of your other marketing efforts.

  2. Positions you more professionally against your competition. A CRM allows you to better control your message and how you are perceived by your leads, prospects, and clients. This can position you as a professional who is organized, follows up, and provides useful information to leads and prospects as they move through the process. One of the most frequent complaints consumers have when working with a real estate agent is a lack of communication and contact. An effective CRM can resolve this significant issue for real estate agents and brokers. It can set you apart from your competitors.

  3. Better information means better lead management. Wouldn't it be helpful to know what pages or properties a prospect has looked at on your website? Couldn't it be valuable to know if and when they respond to a social media post or blog? How important would it be to know just when a lead is ready to make a decision in selecting an agent or when a prospect is ready to pull the trigger on a home? A CRM helps you anticipate your prospect's next move and places you in a position to take advantage of it. A well engineered CRM can help you accomplish all this and so much more!

  4. The right CRM serves as a personal assistant. Have you ever wished you had just a little help? Perhaps someone to manage your leads and prospect flow, letting you know who to call, send an email to or make an appointment with each day? Logging into your CRMs dashboard each morning can provide that same feeling. You'll know what tasks are important to accomplish that particular day along with reports on how your digital marketing efforts are performing. You'll be in control of more leads and prospects while building deeper relationships with them.

  5. Helps you better manage your sales and closing details. As offers come in and closing dates approach, it can be understandable for agents to get distracted from developing leads. Not only will a CRM keep “your pipeline full” with more leads. it can also help you manage important details of developing sales and closings. Every day you'll have the necessary data to successfully close sales and keep your clients informed through the process. A CRM can even help you follow up after the sale, encouraging valuable referrals from your customers following a closing.

Upgrade Your Lead Acquisition and Management Efforts

Many aspects of the real estate industry have changed. Agents are now using inbound marketing strategies and social media to create a flow of leads. These leads are often knowledgeable, having already secured significant information through their own research. Their expectations of agents have changed and relationships have become more critical. Today, it's not just about reaching more people but what you do once you connect with those people A CRM like Active Campaign is designed to assist you in taking full advantage of these leads, help you more effectively use your time, and help build your business.

A spreadsheet is not an effective way to develop leads into customers and customers into repeat customers and referrals. If you're ready to learn more about the next level of real estate lead generation and management along with an automatic digital market system, we encourage you to explore Active Campaign. Get the most out your time and prospect and customer lists. Contact Active Campaign and try it free today.